How am I?

Italian guy who love pizza and HTML. Every now and then something adds up to the list.
I make websites for work. I use wordpress to make them as fast as possible, like the clients wants. But working like this is not fun, my passion was fading away.

This website is my personal space, my lair, where I put everything i feel like putting. When i feel to.
Here i can express myself, not following any instructions, and socialize with other that want to do the same.
Always under construction.

interests - occult, psychology

hobby - cigars, stamps

(i'll add more later)

"La vita non s'allunga, s'allarga."

Site Updates

01/08/2022 - Added a tarot page, check it out (need to edit all the imgs, i'll get there)

31/07/2022 - Added blog page, added category system

30/07/2022 - Added some icons

30/07/2022 - Added a todo list on the right side bar

30/07/2022 - Added a private message box on the left side bar, write some love letter to me pls <3

30/07/2022 - Added resources page to the right side bar

30/07/2022 - Added a right side bar

30/07/2022 - Added support button on the bottom right of the website

29/07/2022 - Added the music player, there's only one song for now

29/07/2022 - The websites now orks in iframes, before was all in one page (i was doing some magic with css and js do show it correctly). Now the website loads way faster.

29/07/2022 - Changed "My button" position, now it's on the sidebar (let me know if you put it on your website <3)

28/07/2022 - Added few more stamps

28/07/2022 - Added the status box, pretty cool

28/07/2022 - Added a script for unique visitors, i now save them in a txt file

28/07/2022 - Added the enter button

27/07/2022 - Added some decorations on the right of the home page

27/07/2022 - Changed the position of site updates

27/07/2022 - Changed cursor, i like this one better

26/07/2022 - Added some cool stamps i found

25/07/2022 - Added the diary yay

24/07/2022 - This website is born